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The strong backbone of Vedhik is moulded by highly talented technocrats and academicians. 



Ben Vedhik Gurukulam is a novel education venture that integrates academics with AI-driven technology to design a unique and holistic learning system. Here, academic excellence is rooted in discipline, moral wellness and personal development, paving way for an ambitious and goal-driven path to success.


Ben Vedhik Gurukulam is a residential education program jointly run by Vedhik IAS Academy and St Benedictine Academy where Civil Service preparation is integrated with graduate programmes. Students inducted into graduation programmes are parallelly trained for Indian and UN Civil Service examinations by highly competent trainers in a technology-powered environment that is on par with international standards.

St Benedictine Academy is a Roman Catholic institution run by Asirvanam, Benedictine Monastery. It entertains students from all religions and every student is treated as a child of God.

Situated in South Bangalore, Kengeri in a pristine green campus of more than 150 acres of land Benedictine Academy has been the source of knowledge, fortification of moral value systems, discipline and personal development for thousands of students over the past many years.

Why Vedhik? 

‘Vedhik’ is the name that brings together the culture, resources and heritage of our country. Through time-consuming learning systems, the Civil Service is the only sector that can work with enthusiasm and dedication for the world and society. Expertise about anything is the Cure-all for gaining IAS. 

Scholarship should be acquired from GURUS who are full of knowledge and experience. The masters like Dr. Alexander Jacob IPS, former DGP of Kerala, Dr. Babu Sebastian, former Vice-Chancellor of MG and Kannur Universities are the brain and heart of Vedhik IAS Academy. The most respected and accepted legends by the community including parents, children etc. who have been offering training to almost all the successful candidates of UPSC civil service examinations in the state of Kerala from 1996 onwards. Vedhik IAS Academy operates totally in the online domain and is the number one online IAS academy in India today. Vedhik IAS Academy is in the process of establishing execution offices in all the districts of the nation to spread the awareness of the possibilities of Civil service and other competitive examinations and the importance of proper training for success in the same amongst the students even in the remotest corner of India.


Inspiring and transforming lives through learning.

Our vision is to empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge and skills that will support them, as life-long learners, to participate in and contribute to the global world.

Inspiring and transforming lives through learning.

Our Strengths

Vedhik IAS Academy has unique strengths incorporated in its constitution, pedagogy and operational strategies.

Uniqueness of Leadership

Uniqueness of Pedagogy

Uniqueness of Access

Uniqueness of The Age of Candidates

Uniqueness of Visual Learning Platforms

Uniqueness of Scientific Academic

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